vrijdag 28 augustus 2009


The quilt is not finished yet.... but Bear sleeps well under it... it will be finishes soon, but already she playes a lot with it... isn't it fun when they love you're quilting too !!! Under this section I have writen and showed some other projects I am working on at the moment...

Bear in need of a sleeping place

Well my youngest has a favorite toy, she sleeps with every night.... a little bear I made when she was younger... no eyes,

just how she wanted it.... but it needs to sleep during the time she is at school...but where and how.... well we found an old basket which fits and ofcourse a quilt has to be made...


As I like a lot of things to do, I started a small new project. My oldest almost 15 liked this pattern very much.... you can imagine how happy I am she still wants something mammy made so I started knitting right away. Here you see a picture of what it will became and how far I am. Because it is almost autumn we choose a darker colour.

Update embrodery

As you know I already finished one of the ladies of mucha, lately I started the other one, to make a pair in the hallway. Well I am halfway at the moment so I will show you the result untill so far. I changed the colours slighty so that they make a nice pair.... although I like bright aqua very much I didn't like it next to the other one... the feather I am not really happy about the result I will do the last..so probably it will change..

zondag 23 augustus 2009

Kaffe Fassett Quilt

Made in France and a little bit in Holland, my new Kaffe Fassett Quilt I already had the fabric for ages.... but here she is isn't she lovely ! Yes I made this one during my holiday on a very old machine but it worked. I knotted the quilt so no difficult quiltpattern that was to much for the machine and me

maandag 17 augustus 2009

Update civil war dairy

Back from holidays...........

I did a lot this time I made my Kaffe Fassett Quilt but The picture doesn't want to be downloaded yet.... so here is first my small update of the civil war dairy quilt..... come back soon and you will see more.....

Update Civil war dairy

an other new block for my collection.....