donderdag 18 juni 2009

Mongolia Shawl

And this will be the shawl when it is finished, in a few years or so.... at the end of the line I will have about 554 stitches.... well count about that !!!

New knitting Project

Beautifull colours... for this knitting project I haven't started yet but will soon. I look to it every now and then. To wear it in Wintertime I have to start knitting now..... first a few blocks of the quilt and then.... least reading the pattern !!!

zondag 14 juni 2009

Update Civil War dairy Quilt

Hiring help with some batering pg 245. A block with bigger pieces I am so happy I can use my favourite fabrics and colours... if I

like pink, yes I do a lot in quilts esspecially the double pinks !

Update CWD

Chaterine Island pg 215, I choose to change the colours of the block but also to make it geometric, I like it much better this way, although I don't believe you will see it when al the blocks are finishes it are so many.....

Update cwd

Flag of Truce pag 229 I have about 60 blocks now and still almost half way or just over, but about 60 blocks to go as well ....

Update CWD

Spinning and Knotting pag 249, I changed the light blue colour in a flowerpattern, it suits me more this way

zondag 7 juni 2009

civil war dairy quilt

Next week I have a few new blocks to show you, I already have a basket full of blocks only civil war blocks. I really need to put them together. I already bought the fabric for the sashings but stil don t know if I am going to use cornerstones or not... what do you suggest?


And here is chicken number two Bruintje, she is N's choice. A little bigger then witje, she always in the front and is very funny as.... N is very funny to see then the chickens relate to the karakters of the two girls


And here is chicken number one Witje, she is D's choice, sweet and little but she dares to do everything just like her.....


What did I do lately... working, working, working but also an other project. We liked to have hens and so we had to make a house for them. We painted the wood, inside ivory, outside green. It looks like a "zaans huisje". We now are the proud owners of two chickens. And we have so much fun with them, we have them from 7 weeks on, and they grow fast. The eggs will not come untill somewhere in september ofcourse I will tell you !!!