zondag 26 augustus 2012

Some projects I made during my holiday

I made this beautiful heart alphabet... I am still wondering what I shall do, shall I make a cushion in the shape of a heart or will this be to much... and should I just take a simple form.... 

I did my homework and made a lot of stars I made them by hand, sitting under the trees, in the hammock, sitting next to the swimming pool.... it was wonderful to make one or more stars a day... sorry I had no time to iron it this weekend but I wanted to show it to you... next time it will probably be sewn together and ironed nicely... 

And last but not least I was making  a cover for a hot water bottle (kruik in dutch) it is so fun to do it, but it was way to warm.... the temperature meter indicated 35 degrees and more... so even under the trees I had to stop.. but back in holland it is cold enough, and I can start the last part and finish another project ... because I already have some other on my list I will tell you soon....

vrijdag 24 augustus 2012


Back from a wonderful Holiday in La France i love this country

 I love the sunflowers

I love the easy living

 I love the beautiful markets with things to eat Brocante etc

And I love the french food !!!

I also did some quilting and embroidery but I have to make pictures of that... I will show you soon What I did during my holiday in the sun !