zondag 30 oktober 2011

Scandinavian Christmas update

This weekend I finally had some time to sit down and start on my Scandinavian Christmas Quilt from Lynette Anderson. Until this time I was only able to take my knitting work and knit during waiting times or when i was back home... but now I am so happy I finally started to sit down on the table again and made some time to quilt.... missed it more then I knew. Thanks to I and C I have a deadline at least to produce something for coming friday ... thanks girls!!!

woensdag 26 oktober 2011

monkey business

And look here my little.... well little... monkey is finished !!! My daughter fell in love with him immediately and he will be crossing around rooms with her and sleeping in her bed...

zondag 23 oktober 2011

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dancing in the rain :)

woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Handmade past

This is a piece of Handmade Past. About 30 years ago my mother made this writing map. I fell in love with it immediately and I am sure it started of my interest in quilting !!! On the other side of the table she sat by me when I was doing my homework, and she was either doing knitting... or making something as beautiful as this, Happy memories !! Do you have a memory like this share it on you're blog.

dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

monkey business

As you have seen I am not only into quilting but also love knitting. Well this time I have a project called  "jacobus". My daughter N fell in love with this monkey so certainly I had to find out where I could get the pattern, which wasn't simple at all, but you can find it at www.zijmaakthet.blogspot.com.  As you see I already have the first part of the head....

zondag 16 oktober 2011

"zandloper" quilt

My new project!! In quiltmania I saw this beautiful "zandloper" quilt. With flowers in the middle very nice. We just have a new bench and of course a new bench needs a new quilt... since it is a kind of beige fabric I thought it would be nice to use my stash of japanese fabrics... and here you see the first results.