zondag 25 maart 2012

Update Scandinavian Christmas

This part is finished, a little borderline, and then a lot of heart and snowflakes, this one is definitely going to be finished before christmas...or not.... yes should be if i am not up to to many other projects , but I really like making this one so I should succeed...

zondag 18 maart 2012

Blackbird design

My new pincushion, I am so happy with it, I used Dmc-garn because it was already in my closet. That's what you get after doing the closet I cab find stuff, and I didn't have to buy it. And a finish !!! now I am making a little needle map in the same style...

vrijdag 16 maart 2012

My favorite closet

 Last weekend I decided to find something in my closet.... well it wasn't as neatly as it is on this pictures... so you can imagine... and I know you all know this feeling... I can't find it I now really need to do something about it... I need to organize my closet.... and I am so happy with the result I found what I was looking for and by the way, my most favorite closet in the whole house can be on a picture...
how long it stays this way...........

maandag 12 maart 2012

Update Scandinavian Christmas

My angel is finished and I am very happy ow she turned out to be... The christmas tree has some nice little starts and hearts from wood.  No the four parts are finished and I really have to start on the snowballs and patches....

zondag 11 maart 2012

Jennifer Pudney

About two years ago in London at Liberty's I bought a little  embroidery pack of jennifer Pudney, whenever I go to a sunny country and have not much place for quilting or patchwork I take this little package with me and stitch with my feet in the sand, love that feeling wish it still was ......... but happily back home I love being behind my sewing machine.... and love the memory of the pictures below !!!


zaterdag 10 maart 2012

Mollie makes

In the new magazine of mollie makes on the front page is this lovely mouse, I couldn't wait and had to make her for my sweet little N. We had a little cabinet... and as you see the shelfs are empty so I am afraid , this little sweet mouse needs a name and a lot of more clothes !!! I am not very good it the eye making, N likes her this way, well we we see if she is going to see the world or if we found our selves and other none eyes  cuddle toy.

vrijdag 9 maart 2012

L' atelier perdu

First I wanted to finish all my project before starting a new one but a dear friend of mine C said... sometimes you just have to start a new one, hahaha... well I always listen and I couldn't resist when i saw Atelier perdu making a surprise quilt so I joined !!! look here perhaps you want to sign up as well www.atelierperdu.fr


maandag 5 maart 2012

hooked .....

And a little more hexagons added to my crochet blanket, it feels really soft and nice made from drops alpaca. I think it looks lovely on the sofa, don't you !??! Just a few more hexagons (hahahah), but  one every evening means 366 at the end of the year and that must be enough...

donderdag 1 maart 2012

New clothes

 The favorite bear of my daughter really had to get new clothes... look at the clothes... worn, kissed to death, snuggled, torn.....
... so today I thought lets make it today before starting anything else, doing anything else... and her is the new dress with a trouser underneath, both will be sleeping much happier tonight ,-)