donderdag 14 maart 2013

Old fashioned and new handmade

When I was in Londen with my oldest we found this nice kit to make this old fashioned bag yourself, yesterday I started finding out how it is the best way to do it and I feel like Jane Austen or even more like in the middle ages, so fun..

The first little part I have done, yes, it is very easy all the colors are already on the canvas, so when you are stitching you are in a kind of meditation and can follow you' re mind and get new idears...

And a finish !!!!!!!Yes I am really happy the sampler of l atelier perdu is finished, i really like it very much it was very nice to make it , now it only needs a frame....

I love the candles in the hearts and I imagine my two kids going upstairs in there bedrooms by candlelight....

An update of my stitching project.... at the moment I love everything to do without a sewing machine so not such much quilting at the moment.

I am almost finishes with my Christel Seyfarth shawl

One of the boarders is finished but I didn't like the other boarders, so after reading on Wieke van Keulen's  blog, I decided to start all over again and do it her way

about 800 st a row, so hope you keep you're fingers crossed with me that this will turn out to be the good solution and my beautiful shawl will be finished soon