zondag 9 december 2012

My Christmastree and a finish

This is my fantastic Christmas tree, I don't know if you can see it, but it snows !! Yes really that's why there is an umbrella, to keep the snow coming....

My crochet blanket is finished, Yes !!!

A update about my mittens...

and another finish my cushion, I am really happy with this one, it is nice and soft and big !!

vrijdag 7 december 2012

Almost Christmas and an update

Santa (5/12) brought me a nice gift country homes at Christmas time lovely to read 

Every day we open a new window of this little book about "stille nacht"

This morning it snowed a lot in Holland

Very nice weather to quilt my Scandinavian Christmas quilt all the hearts are quilted

And almost finishes a new cushion, I made one for my dd but of course we needed one more for my other dd.

And now I am starting very nice nordic mittens an other pattern of drops.

Wish you all a lot of knitting stitching quilting fun !!

donderdag 1 november 2012

Finish and and almost finish

The top is finished so now I can start quilting and hopefully it will be done just before Christmas !!

Ans a finish my cushion is finished !! It is 60 x 60 so you can also sit on it in front of the fire place...  I made a few more pictures together with the other cushions and the back...

vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Paper piecing and other projects

Little update of my new quilt to be.... I really love making the blocks with easy paper piecing method, but the effect is lovely don't you think, I really enjoy making this !!

The book where the quilt is from is on my previous blog although the pattern of this quilt was not in the book sadly... but I found it on the internet.

Already 5 little babyhats heading for middle asia....

And I started allover with my cable cushion, I didn't like it so instead of using needles 9, which was adviced I used 7 and I like it much better much tighter and I used an other cable , this one is more on top what i prefer...

zondag 7 oktober 2012

Sewing, Stitching and Knitting.... Lovely weekend !!!

I know I know, I shouldn't start a new project... I have to finish one first.... but my family is asking for a quilt in the colors of our lounge sofa ... well I am happy to start it already... something different to do in between all the other projects.... this is the book where I found my inspiration 

In my own cabinet I found these wonderful fabrics, And I think these are about the colors where I am going to work with, but things can change a bit when I am going on... you know how it works...

This is the first block... I love the braun's and pink together, my favorite colors to gether with blue but I am not sure if I am going to us blue in this one... perhaps I first start with a braun/pink one... and the next a blue/braun one.... well will see... lets start with this one first...

And a little update of my sampler of stitches... the last part in coming next week and I am not so far behind any more.... I am now finally making my dd's and my hubby in the middle, changing the pattern a little bit because this is my family

And last but not least I am knitting little baby hats... I read about it in knippie... this is the site www.savethechildren.nl there you can find a free pattern of a baby hat.  Children in the middle of Asia will be very happy with this little hat. Last year the hats went to India... this year I don't know yet the project is from 22th oct until the end of Februari, so if you wish to knit a hat too, feel free to go to this website. I like to do it  it is, quick, you feel helping someone and your cleaning out your wooll in the same time !!!

maandag 24 september 2012

New Emboidery

This weekend I was in London with my dd and of course I had to go to Liberty's and look what I bought isn't it lovely.....

This little set my dd gave me because we went away together on this beautiful weekend

a knitting needles bag with all wooden knitting needles.....

And a lovely embroidery pack, to make a purse with my favorite colors a bit blue and a lot of pink just as I like it... and with a little bird on it as well I couldn't be more happy.....

And a little update of my L atelier perdu embroidery.....hope the aged pweter thread is coming sone to finish the parts that are left out now....... keep you updated and keep on stitching with a smile xxx

zondag 9 september 2012

Beach and Embroidery

l'atelier perdu patches of life sampler Part 1 almost done in one week.  I have to be quick, I started late and I already have part 2 and part 3 is coming next week....

 Part 1, the only thing I have changed are the letters... of my two DD, N and D. I keep all the lovely threads and patterns in the little box in the corner.

Lovely weather .... in september.... so gone to the beach !!!!

see you next week with more updates ....

zondag 2 september 2012

Coffee, cake and a new project

My new project ! I am so happy.... this is a pattern from L'atelier Perdu a sampler in 4 parts, I just received part 1 and 2 by mail. And today I started the first cross stitches. I stitch 2 over 2. Beautiful colors and so nice to do and keep you relaxed...

Some home changes, my new cans for coffee, sugar and cookies, look at this...

aren't they sweet. My kitchen is blue, but I  happen to like blue and pink, so a blue kitchen and when you open the drawers,  its pink and hearts all over ....I love it !!!

zondag 26 augustus 2012

Some projects I made during my holiday

I made this beautiful heart alphabet... I am still wondering what I shall do, shall I make a cushion in the shape of a heart or will this be to much... and should I just take a simple form.... 

I did my homework and made a lot of stars I made them by hand, sitting under the trees, in the hammock, sitting next to the swimming pool.... it was wonderful to make one or more stars a day... sorry I had no time to iron it this weekend but I wanted to show it to you... next time it will probably be sewn together and ironed nicely... 

And last but not least I was making  a cover for a hot water bottle (kruik in dutch) it is so fun to do it, but it was way to warm.... the temperature meter indicated 35 degrees and more... so even under the trees I had to stop.. but back in holland it is cold enough, and I can start the last part and finish another project ... because I already have some other on my list I will tell you soon....

vrijdag 24 augustus 2012


Back from a wonderful Holiday in La France i love this country

 I love the sunflowers

I love the easy living

 I love the beautiful markets with things to eat Brocante etc

And I love the french food !!!

I also did some quilting and embroidery but I have to make pictures of that... I will show you soon What I did during my holiday in the sun !

zondag 15 juli 2012

Weekend update

 This weekend it is raining again... it is supposed to be summer but.... we are in the house again, so we made this beautiful cake.  My DD made the cover and flowers and inside there is cake, raspberries marmalade and butter creme.

The inspiration is coming from this book we recently bought.

My new coasters... when I am very busy working I don't find the time, or the rest to quilt but I always like to do something creative, so I crochet, I made this coasters, The pattern is from this book...

I first started with cotton and hook 5... but then you have a nice potholder instead of a coaster... so now I use thinner cotton and hook 3.

An other crochet project is almost finished this pattern is from drops and made with yarn Paris, lovely quick just what you need when you are to busy and haven't much time.... but almost holidays and I can't wait to see the sun again and to do some stitches of embroidery and quilting...

 so I bought this nice book at  de sampler and some nice new quilting threads to quilt my Christmas quilt... just a few more hearts to go ... you will see in the next update... happy stitching x

zondag 17 juni 2012

Update hexagon bag

Working on my bag
a little closer
 Making my famous carrot cake for the match of tonight... holland - portugal....
 And most important of all my DD graduated from highschool we are so proud !!!
Our house is full of flowers now !!! so lovely !!!