woensdag 20 mei 2009

A unfinished one

This is one of me Ufo's I really like it so I have to finish it.... but it is such a winterquilt... we have a room with red walls and it will look nice in that room, over a chear... but still it has to be finished, well I just wanted to show you an unfinished one... which will be finished sometimes.....but when ???

donderdag 14 mei 2009

Civil war block 3

The first block is called Sugar Cane (pg 247)

The second block is called Departing of the 19th regiment (pg 237)

And the 3 block is from the Love letter book

And a 4th one ... You just have to scroll and you see another one

civil war block 2

Departing of the 19th regiment is in the book done in blue/white
and red. I liked to change the colours of these block

Do You like it ?

Civil war Update

A lot of new civil war Blocks...

I almost finished the first row.... one block
I really don t like, I will change it perhaps for one of the blocks of the love letter quilt.....

zaterdag 9 mei 2009


Last year on Mothersday my mother passed away... from her I learned almost everything I know about all kinds of needlework, this blog I dedicate to her......

Mother: The word conjures up so many memories. Our first started exposure to the world is the calming protection of our mothers nurturing arms. She bathes, comforts, delights and encourages us. She is the first to decipher our language, to answer our needs, to understand our spirit. She guides us little by little through the precarious steps of childhood, into the sunny days of elementary school, through the stormy confusion of our teen years and finally into the wonder and responsibility of our adulthood. Then she performs the hardest feat of all she lets us go. Standing aside, she watches as we struggle to find our wings, our courage, and our way taking flight of our own precios journey.

Dear mom I miss you're hugs and our talks but know this you will always be in my heart !!!!!

dinsdag 5 mei 2009

Mucha made by

One of my favourites is embrodery, next to quilting. This is an embrodery pattern from Lanarte I made it in one year and started on our vacation in Brasil. It is a copy from a poster of Mucha Art Nouveau - Primrose

maandag 4 mei 2009

civil war dairy quilt

Homework, this is a pattern from the love letter quilt, originally I only wanted to do the patterns of the civil war dairy quilt but some of them are so nice and the whole group is making them... so I decided to do so and the block I don t like of the other quilt I can always leave out. A view more to go for the 12th... and 14th