maandag 20 mei 2013

Update crochet and embroidery

Last saturday there was the Songfestival, when I was 17, 18 19 years old I always crochet a bag during this contest... well I am definitely older but also a lot slower I can't imagine how I did it in one evening, this is as far as I am ...... but it is so much fun to do.... so I don't mind at all

This are the colors i am working with and the pattern is from Attic24., I really love her blog and the things she makes are so colorful,  C recommended me this site and I really like it a lot.

I need some stitches do you know that feeling.... well I had it... after the sampler of atelier perdu I didn't had something new.... but since it is really dark and grey in holland I thought, well why not already start with a christmas sampler, it are such nice colors and lovely to do... so two total different projects this time.... happy stitches !!!

zondag 12 mei 2013

Upate embroidery and quilting ....

And a little finish, I changed it a little normally it is with orange but as you know I prefer pink and there is a curved line under needleworker. And what will it be..... it is not going on my wall but it is still a secret what it is going to be .....

Progress of my quilt it has to be 5 x 7 blocks and as you see only 7 more to go..... 

Today it was mothersday and I am so happy I got a wonderful book from One of my favourite authors Santa Montifiore a lovely little set from my youngest today she also made a t-shirt with a poem and a text on it, next time I will make a picture of that and a picturebook of my oldest with our last holiday !1 what a lovely gifts and a lovely day xxx

dinsdag 7 mei 2013

Book, Greece and Painting

Beautiful book to read "de lijst van al mijn wensen " een echte aanrader !!!

 Lovely holiday of a week in Greece Santorini Paros and Athens

One of the pictures my daughter made, so a totally different post soon a lot of quilting and embroidery news........