maandag 20 mei 2013

Update crochet and embroidery

Last saturday there was the Songfestival, when I was 17, 18 19 years old I always crochet a bag during this contest... well I am definitely older but also a lot slower I can't imagine how I did it in one evening, this is as far as I am ...... but it is so much fun to do.... so I don't mind at all

This are the colors i am working with and the pattern is from Attic24., I really love her blog and the things she makes are so colorful,  C recommended me this site and I really like it a lot.

I need some stitches do you know that feeling.... well I had it... after the sampler of atelier perdu I didn't had something new.... but since it is really dark and grey in holland I thought, well why not already start with a christmas sampler, it are such nice colors and lovely to do... so two total different projects this time.... happy stitches !!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh your bag will be so lovely, and yes, Lucy does have some amazing crochet on her blog.
    blessings, jill