vrijdag 4 december 2009


My first christmastree this year..... embrodered !! Now first the celebrations of the 5th dec it is Sinterklaas in Holland. And after that celebration, my home will be decorated in Christmasstyle !!!

zaterdag 21 november 2009

Japanese Work Finished

My hexagones where finishes so I only had to sandwich this little project, quilt it, and a few stitches here and there and today... it is finished. I have a nice brown bag, this little purse will be in there... and only you know what is inside, little pieces of fabric who need to be joined.... no worries when I have to wait...always something to do with me....

A new friend

In one of my Tilda books N saw this little friend, she liked it so much she asked it for her birthday.... thanks to G i found the fabric on the stoffenspektakel where I was only looking for nice fabrics for clothes G was so clever to remind me of N's wish, Thanks !!
And here our little new friend is .....

civil war update

And a little star too... I am doing the sashings straight away.... because it are so many... otherwise I will only see sashings in the end....

Update Civil war

Actually I haven't done much... but is still want to make a small update... to get me going again ... update was a few days ago...sorry late again.

dinsdag 10 november 2009


And the purse is in progress too... The first hexagones are joined together, as you can see here, but stil a lot to go..... but I should finish this one much quicker then the other one.....

Country wheels

First wheel finished of the country wheels 8 more to go.... second one in progress, I only have to finish the last row... update later

zondag 1 november 2009

N's new dress

P smst me yesterday.... can I borow you re pattern of the dress of Nathalie.... I didn't make it but it was just the push I needed, so after diner with our friends, I made it in one evening, isn't it nice !!!! She loves it and wears it to school today...

maandag 26 oktober 2009


Not a real Update because it is not the 14th of the month. But I am starting to make my sashings... beacuse otherwise I am afraid it will be to much sashings at once.... 121 blocks means 242 sashings and not even counted the conrnerstones with it... so better start now !!! I still haven't decided what kind of colour my cornerstones will be... but I will keep you posted


And the other one is in blue.... I am trying to make an scandinavien room with a lot of light colours .. ofcourse my favourite pink and blue.


I started a while ago with two embroderies... not knowing where to hang them when they finished. But this weekend all came clear and I am now anxious to finish them. This one the pink is already finished....

zondag 18 oktober 2009

Finished embrodery (1)

On the Tradeshow of last friday, where I went with C. One of my catches was this design.. I bought it and started the same evening with the embrodery.... and today it is finished !!! On the next 3 pictures you will see the rest...

Finished Embrodery (2)

This is one ot the sides with a heart I changed the colours a bit.... but it is the design of nenne design. She also sells this beautifull smal bell to but at the side.... look at the nexy pictures you will see it better

meetlint embrodery(3)

This is the " in between" embrodery


Embrodery (4)

This are the two finishes halfs. I have to put them on each side and stitch them together... very small but so nice.

woensdag 14 oktober 2009

Civil war dairy Update

It is the 14th of the month: Civil war dairy Quilt Update date... And here they are I have 4 new blocks to show you...

This one I changed a little in the middle it had to be blue as well but I liked the red inside, you probably will not see it when the quilt is finished with so many blocks, but I like to like every block...

civil war upadte (2)

Thanks to G, I make my civil war dairy blocks every month, she tells me which one to do... isn't it great... this is already the first of my homework for this month....

civil war Update (3)

And an other one...

Update civil war (4)

Civil war Dairy Update number 4 and an other one with my favorite pinks !! As you know by now I love pink, not only,

but there has to be enough pink in the quilt...


And the biscornu is as finished as cann be. I made the pattern two times one with only flowers and on with 2009 on it. A little project G, M and I are going to make every year. If you want to see a much smaller one... you have to look at bungehuis..very pretty but to small for my eyes, hahahaha

dinsdag 13 oktober 2009


On Sunday I went with G and P to the stoffenspektakel and I bought new fabric for clothes for the girls.... A new challenge I didn't sow clothes for quit some years now... you will see the progress on this blog... the patterns are already made... now I have to cut the fabric....

woensdag 7 oktober 2009

And what I bought in Alkmaar

In alkmaar I bought the book Material Obsession in the nice bookshop just across the church I saw a lot of quilters found that nice bookshop with a lot of quiltbooks... and I bought all the fabric for a nice new project.... I saw it first in Quiltmania... and then on the show... I couldn't resist... my love for old fabrics, old patterns and new for me round pieces... I am going to piece this by hand... with the machine it means to much trouble. The quilt is called country wheels. The first circle is finished, will be published soon.

Show in Alkmaar 2

And an other nice one, but there where so many... But I already saw some other pictures on the other blogs...


Show in Alkmaar

Last friday I was at the show of the Quiltersgilde in Alkmaar. I was with G en M.... where did we start....ofcourse at al the nice shops !!! And did we buy something, yes ofcourse we did .... but we also saw some nice quilt I like to share with you.

woensdag 23 september 2009

finished ....

Here you can see my finished project on the chair... next to the quilt overlooking the garden... cann you imagine me sitting there with a book, something to knit, or something to embroder, or quilt ofcourse.... I like this place and I like to make so much. Hopefully I will become 110 .... so many projects I would like to do..... but you probably have the same.... next friday to Alkmaar. I am certain I will find an other project .... lol

Finished !!!

One project finished !! No it is not the civil war quilt hahaha that's still to much work to do.... but a small project is finished.....

vrijdag 18 september 2009

knitted spencer

Well the spencer I knitted for D, my oldest is finished....

Here you can see the result..........

maandag 14 september 2009

civil war dairy Update on the 14th.

4 new blocks for the civil war dairy quilt...

civil war update (2)

Number two..... instead of pr lincoln I prefered a flower in the middle... how do you like it...

civil war update (3)

and another one......

civil war update (4)

and the last one for this month .....

zaterdag 12 september 2009

Hexagon Etui

A little project I started, somerhing you can do where ever you are, and where you have to wait or what you can take very easily because it is so small. First all the little hexagons... Ans then yhey will be jpined together in a nice etui.. I will keep you updatet of the progression. I bought this little pack at QuiltersPalet.

Update knitting

As you know I am knitting a spencer for D. Well I can proudly tell you the back is finished, and she is still happy with the result.... I already started the front....

vrijdag 28 augustus 2009


The quilt is not finished yet.... but Bear sleeps well under it... it will be finishes soon, but already she playes a lot with it... isn't it fun when they love you're quilting too !!! Under this section I have writen and showed some other projects I am working on at the moment...

Bear in need of a sleeping place

Well my youngest has a favorite toy, she sleeps with every night.... a little bear I made when she was younger... no eyes,

just how she wanted it.... but it needs to sleep during the time she is at school...but where and how.... well we found an old basket which fits and ofcourse a quilt has to be made...


As I like a lot of things to do, I started a small new project. My oldest almost 15 liked this pattern very much.... you can imagine how happy I am she still wants something mammy made so I started knitting right away. Here you see a picture of what it will became and how far I am. Because it is almost autumn we choose a darker colour.

Update embrodery

As you know I already finished one of the ladies of mucha, lately I started the other one, to make a pair in the hallway. Well I am halfway at the moment so I will show you the result untill so far. I changed the colours slighty so that they make a nice pair.... although I like bright aqua very much I didn't like it next to the other one... the feather I am not really happy about the result I will do the last..so probably it will change..

zondag 23 augustus 2009

Kaffe Fassett Quilt

Made in France and a little bit in Holland, my new Kaffe Fassett Quilt I already had the fabric for ages.... but here she is isn't she lovely ! Yes I made this one during my holiday on a very old machine but it worked. I knotted the quilt so no difficult quiltpattern that was to much for the machine and me

maandag 17 augustus 2009

Update civil war dairy

Back from holidays...........

I did a lot this time I made my Kaffe Fassett Quilt but The picture doesn't want to be downloaded yet.... so here is first my small update of the civil war dairy quilt..... come back soon and you will see more.....

Update Civil war dairy

an other new block for my collection.....

woensdag 15 juli 2009

civil war dairy update

En nog eentje .... weliswaar een dagje te laat.... maar hier zijn ze dan !!!

civil war dairy update

en weer een een nieuw blokje toegevoegd aan de verzameling....

zondag 12 juli 2009

Fabrics ...

..... When you go on holiday.... what do you take.... ofcourse the first things we quilters pack is our fabrics, I bought these fabrics from Moda, it are just little bits of their fabrics but the colors are so nice together... wonder what I will make.... will I be swimming or sewing, probably both!!


Not much time for embrodery or quilting lately... al lot of work, work, work but today on a rainy sunday there is some time... so i made a rose, it is not finished yet, I will make a quiltcushion with the rose..... you will see some day...

donderdag 18 juni 2009

Mongolia Shawl

And this will be the shawl when it is finished, in a few years or so.... at the end of the line I will have about 554 stitches.... well count about that !!!

New knitting Project

Beautifull colours... for this knitting project I haven't started yet but will soon. I look to it every now and then. To wear it in Wintertime I have to start knitting now..... first a few blocks of the quilt and then.... perhaps...at least reading the pattern !!!

zondag 14 juni 2009

Update Civil War dairy Quilt

Hiring help with some batering pg 245. A block with bigger pieces I am so happy I can use my favourite fabrics and colours... if I

like pink, yes I do a lot in quilts esspecially the double pinks !

Update CWD

Chaterine Island pg 215, I choose to change the colours of the block but also to make it geometric, I like it much better this way, although I don't believe you will see it when al the blocks are finishes it are so many.....

Update cwd

Flag of Truce pag 229 I have about 60 blocks now and still almost half way or just over, but about 60 blocks to go as well ....

Update CWD

Spinning and Knotting pag 249, I changed the light blue colour in a flowerpattern, it suits me more this way