zaterdag 21 november 2009

Japanese Work Finished

My hexagones where finishes so I only had to sandwich this little project, quilt it, and a few stitches here and there and today... it is finished. I have a nice brown bag, this little purse will be in there... and only you know what is inside, little pieces of fabric who need to be joined.... no worries when I have to wait...always something to do with me....

A new friend

In one of my Tilda books N saw this little friend, she liked it so much she asked it for her birthday.... thanks to G i found the fabric on the stoffenspektakel where I was only looking for nice fabrics for clothes G was so clever to remind me of N's wish, Thanks !!
And here our little new friend is .....

civil war update

And a little star too... I am doing the sashings straight away.... because it are so many... otherwise I will only see sashings in the end....

Update Civil war

Actually I haven't done much... but is still want to make a small update... to get me going again ... update was a few days ago...sorry late again.

dinsdag 10 november 2009


And the purse is in progress too... The first hexagones are joined together, as you can see here, but stil a lot to go..... but I should finish this one much quicker then the other one.....

Country wheels

First wheel finished of the country wheels 8 more to go.... second one in progress, I only have to finish the last row... update later

zondag 1 november 2009

N's new dress

P smst me yesterday.... can I borow you re pattern of the dress of Nathalie.... I didn't make it but it was just the push I needed, so after diner with our friends, I made it in one evening, isn't it nice !!!! She loves it and wears it to school today...