zaterdag 21 november 2009

Japanese Work Finished

My hexagones where finishes so I only had to sandwich this little project, quilt it, and a few stitches here and there and today... it is finished. I have a nice brown bag, this little purse will be in there... and only you know what is inside, little pieces of fabric who need to be joined.... no worries when I have to wait...always something to do with me....

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ben jaloers... stik jaloers! Nu wil ik helemaal meteen beginnen aan onze Japanse tassen!! Ziet er super uit!
    Liefs M.

  2. Wat een mooi tasje, de hexaconnetjes zijn zo 'echt' japans! Verder ook veel moois gezien op je blog,