maandag 8 februari 2010


And another heart !! C has the same heart and told me this pattern is just the thing for in the heart so I made it

.... I am totally happy about it Thanks C !!!

woensdag 3 februari 2010

civil war update

Well you will see I didn't stop sewing just blogging for a while but here I am again with a lot of new uploaded pictures !!!

civil war

First I piece 9 blocks together and then I decide to make it all together and let it quilt or shall I quilt it ... quilt as you go ..... the future will tell

civil war update

I am the proud owner of 99 blocks of the civil war quilt. I decided to stop, otherwise the quilt would be to big for our bench...


Well ofcourse I will show you the result af all my projects. how far I am and what I still have to finish... knitting I now have to sew the pieces together ... a also have the sleeves and then finish.... almost done ahum....


Christmas holiday we went to Florida!!

we had a lovely time there and travelled through the country finding places to eat and stay lovely !!!


A new blogpost finally..... yesterday G moved me to blog again..... I had a lot of work so I wasn't able

to blog.... oh and don't forget a very nice holiday too, but here I am with all my heart !!!