zondag 15 juli 2012

Weekend update

 This weekend it is raining again... it is supposed to be summer but.... we are in the house again, so we made this beautiful cake.  My DD made the cover and flowers and inside there is cake, raspberries marmalade and butter creme.

The inspiration is coming from this book we recently bought.

My new coasters... when I am very busy working I don't find the time, or the rest to quilt but I always like to do something creative, so I crochet, I made this coasters, The pattern is from this book...

I first started with cotton and hook 5... but then you have a nice potholder instead of a coaster... so now I use thinner cotton and hook 3.

An other crochet project is almost finished this pattern is from drops and made with yarn Paris, lovely quick just what you need when you are to busy and haven't much time.... but almost holidays and I can't wait to see the sun again and to do some stitches of embroidery and quilting...

 so I bought this nice book at  de sampler and some nice new quilting threads to quilt my Christmas quilt... just a few more hearts to go ... you will see in the next update... happy stitching x