zondag 12 februari 2012

Tilda meets Lynette Anderson

Scandinavian Christmas Update part 2... This is my angel I am so happy with her it is a kind of Tilda Angel in A Lynette Anderson pattern... the wings are still a bit wet, of undoing the blue pen... well hope Lynette and Tilda like this version too....

Scandinavian Christmas update

Almost finished the last part of the 4 applique parts in the middle... I am so happy, this weekend I really had some time to do make the angel, I will show you in the next photo...

zondag 5 februari 2012

Patchwork and quiltdagen

Last weekend there was a quiltshow in Haarlemermeer. Many nice dutch shops have a stand here and I fell in love with this nice big shoppingbag, bought the book and fabric for it, although it was snowing, the sun was shining a little bit... the flower fabric is going to be the bag, the dots are the handles and they other bits and parts


At the sampler, G, M and I are going to take a new course we are going to make a medallion quilt. The fabric of the birds is bases, I am going to use a lot of my stock in red, braun and pink together with this....

zaterdag 4 februari 2012

Crochet project

A new crochet project my scarf is finished, and it is so nice to make something while watching a nice movie... well her is my new project hexagons, crochet. I found the pattern by attic24 a lovely blog, and the pattern is very easy to follow. I have more to tell but haven't made all the pictures yet... a new quilting project with G en M, and a trade show we went to, so more pictures tomorrow.


Yesterday after a very warm winter... the snow came... beautiful... especially for the kids. After a beautiful walk through the snow, in the sun with my DH. Our little one made a little snowmen with me today lots of fun ending in a snow fight with my two girls, what a  lovely day xxx