zaterdag 9 mei 2009


Last year on Mothersday my mother passed away... from her I learned almost everything I know about all kinds of needlework, this blog I dedicate to her......

Mother: The word conjures up so many memories. Our first started exposure to the world is the calming protection of our mothers nurturing arms. She bathes, comforts, delights and encourages us. She is the first to decipher our language, to answer our needs, to understand our spirit. She guides us little by little through the precarious steps of childhood, into the sunny days of elementary school, through the stormy confusion of our teen years and finally into the wonder and responsibility of our adulthood. Then she performs the hardest feat of all she lets us go. Standing aside, she watches as we struggle to find our wings, our courage, and our way taking flight of our own precios journey.

Dear mom I miss you're hugs and our talks but know this you will always be in my heart !!!!!

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  1. Dank je wel dat je even bent langs gekomen op mijn blog. En wat een mooi bericht over jouw moeder.

    Groetjes van Marian