zondag 7 oktober 2012

Sewing, Stitching and Knitting.... Lovely weekend !!!

I know I know, I shouldn't start a new project... I have to finish one first.... but my family is asking for a quilt in the colors of our lounge sofa ... well I am happy to start it already... something different to do in between all the other projects.... this is the book where I found my inspiration 

In my own cabinet I found these wonderful fabrics, And I think these are about the colors where I am going to work with, but things can change a bit when I am going on... you know how it works...

This is the first block... I love the braun's and pink together, my favorite colors to gether with blue but I am not sure if I am going to us blue in this one... perhaps I first start with a braun/pink one... and the next a blue/braun one.... well will see... lets start with this one first...

And a little update of my sampler of stitches... the last part in coming next week and I am not so far behind any more.... I am now finally making my dd's and my hubby in the middle, changing the pattern a little bit because this is my family

And last but not least I am knitting little baby hats... I read about it in knippie... this is the site www.savethechildren.nl there you can find a free pattern of a baby hat.  Children in the middle of Asia will be very happy with this little hat. Last year the hats went to India... this year I don't know yet the project is from 22th oct until the end of Februari, so if you wish to knit a hat too, feel free to go to this website. I like to do it  it is, quick, you feel helping someone and your cleaning out your wooll in the same time !!!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat wordt je sampler of stitches mooi!! En je quilt (is het een pineapple blok?) ben ik ook benieuwd naar, kleurtjes zijn in ieder geval erg mooi!

  2. Wat maak je toch prachtige spullen!
    De quilt is super, ben benieuwd naar je volgende update, de kleurtjes zijn zo mooi, je borduurwerk groeit, prachtig patroon, super kleurtjes!

    groetjes, Fem

  3. I really like the colours of your new quit, and yes it is okay to start a new project!!! I also love how you have adapted your sampler to include your family. That is so nice of you to make baby hats for those less fortunate.

  4. Your blog is beautiful!
    You are very good with the patchwork.
    and talented with embroidery!
    See you at the end "stich me club"
    a hug