vrijdag 16 maart 2012

My favorite closet

 Last weekend I decided to find something in my closet.... well it wasn't as neatly as it is on this pictures... so you can imagine... and I know you all know this feeling... I can't find it I now really need to do something about it... I need to organize my closet.... and I am so happy with the result I found what I was looking for and by the way, my most favorite closet in the whole house can be on a picture...
how long it stays this way...........

6 opmerkingen:

  1. HaHa dat probleem ken ik maar ja het duurt altijd maar even dan is weer een .....

    Goed weekend

    Groeten Miny

  2. Your closet looks wonderful and so organised. I like how you have presented your fabrics.

    1. Thanks a lot ann mar, love you're blog as you know !!

  3. My closet in the sewing room will never look as nice as that.

  4. What a nice fabrics !(colors too ...) I like your organized closet too ;o)!