dinsdag 17 september 2013

st Marie aux Mines and new quilt .....

I love this quilt found it at St marie aux mines quiltshow. It is a quilt from Nathalie from La fee piroutte, M already found this shop years ago and has already one quilt of her.... 

This is the quilt the patterns, some fabric and all the tools to make the beautiful leaves, I bought in memory of my father, and while quilting I can have only happy memories, my father designed some tapestry my mother made, I have so many nice memories stitching together at the table in my parent's home,  some day I will show it on my blog when I have the pictures... 

The place we stayed was kayserberg, I really loved it.

The quiltshow in the theatre

some antique quilts displayed

and an other

and an other...

some in between lunch.... yammie!!

My purchases, some in Maastricht and some at the quiltshow !!

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  1. Hello Irene, this is going to be the most special and beautiful quilt. I really like this pattern and your purchases are lovely. Take care, Ann