zondag 29 maart 2015

Update quilt L'etoile

I love this quilt ... and I love to work on it... it is quilt you make in a day... not even in a year, but it makes me happy... I make this quilt for the memory of my father.....

I am very happy with the new leaves and will make a pictures from the all the leaves together..... but I really like the one on top.... didn't think so when making but it turned out quit nice......

It the middle of this nice quilt is a star.... obviously... the name of the quilt l'etoile a quilt of Nathalie Meance !! So i am now not only starting on the borders , because it is with embroidery but i am finally starting on the inside as well...... have a lovely week lots of quilting fun !!!

1 opmerking:

  1. It looks like a lovely quilt. I am looking forward to seeing more. Your embroidery is really beautiful.