dinsdag 17 april 2012

Medallionquilt, Knitting and an Update

This is the middle of my medallion quilt I now choose the colors for the birds but still have to make some more leaves etc... you will see it in one of my next updates.

      Update Scandinavian Christmas, 2 snowball done 11 to go....
3 hearts done, 20 to go, but I love to make them the applique way  C told me, thanks C.

 Knitting update Two beautiful patterns from Rowan, the first is almost finished I make it in a kind of blue, when it is finished I will certainly take a picture and show you...

This nice magazine arrived today, I really love to read and look in it. And found out that some of my friends toke a subscription at the same day as I, what a coincidence, it must be friends with the same hobbies, and Yes you are right they are.....

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Your medallion centre looks wonderful and the Mollie Makes magazine looks very interesting. Looking forward to seeing your knitting!

  2. leuk dat je op mijn blog ben geweest .
    Ik ga jou mooie blog ook volgen liefs yvonne

  3. I am anxious to see your medallion.