woensdag 4 april 2012

Thanks fem for the liebster award, its my first so I had to find out how this works.

'Liebster' is a German word meaning favorite, dearest or beloved. The Liebster is awarded by bloggers to other new bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers, to help spread the word about their blogs and to help them gain wider recognition.

This 5 bloggers I would like to nominate, random choice:

www.martinejannaas.blogspot.com, very nice blog with lovely quilts

www.quilting1b.blogspot.com, two lovely friends through whom I started blogging.

www.desampler.blogspot.com, soon online, one of the best quilt shop in Haarlem, with beautiful fabrics, books and lovely people to help you with you're projects.

www.annsembroideryandquilting-journey.blogspot.com, on the other site of the world a lady with beautiful projects, quilts embroidery and very nice stories and ideas

www.elisabethsquilts.blogspot.com, and an other blog with beautiful quilts and some embroidery too

Hope you all like the blogs I found !!!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you so much, I feel quite appreciative to receive this nice award and your kind words. It aways makes me feel happy that someone likes to visit my blog, thank you so much. I will do a blog post tomorrow, warm regards, Ann

  2. Wat leuk...dank je wel!! Je hebt een prachtige blog en hebt deze award ook zeker verdiend! Groetjes Elisabeth