zondag 7 april 2013

Fabrics, beautiful colors, lovely quilts.....

Today I was at a fair in Rijswijk with M . and we found a lot of new pinks I needed for  my new quilt, which new quilt well below you see it, it was on the frontpage of quiltmania jan 2013... it is my new project to be.. ofcourse I first have to finish one.....

We looked at every stand for old pink a color I really love and which makes the quilt very happy... we found a few at yookies at quilt it dotty and at the sampler yes yes yes.... I can begin... or no thats right I first have to finish one..... but I have finished my shawl... will show the pictures an other time...

This little book I took with me to the fair I find it very easy to adjust fabrics to this and look for the fabrics I really need, so I also found some nice braun with pink fabrics.... 

The fluffy chicken who came out for eastern.... I still can't put them back... I just hope spring will start ... today was a lovely sunny day...... still cold but really sunny....

The next text I really like.....

And I am really happy to have such nice new fabrics.. ( I have more to show an other time) So I need less next time ......

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice quilt, nice fabrics! I was saturday at the fair!!

  2. I am in awe of your beautiful fabrics!! I especially love the olive green/beige and the brown fabrics. Your new quilt is going to be amazing, stunning and so pretty. I can't wait to see the rest ...

  3. I was at the fair at Sunday and I shopped for pink en red's! I already owned one of you choises and I bought an other also. So all in all, nice buys! Petra

  4. Mooie stofjes heb je gekocht voor je nieuwe leuke quilt!
    groetjes van Marijke

  5. Wat mooie merklap heb je gemaakt, prachtig. En ik zag nog meer mooie projecten op je blog.Leuk hoor.

    Groetjes Patricia

  6. I really love your colour-choice for the new
    project (have you started yet, inspite of the
    things that have to be finished first..:))
    It is a very good idea to take such kind of a
    "moodboard-for-quilters" along to a fair, that
    will be very helpful! Have fun with your projects! Ageeth

  7. Heerlijk is dat hè, nieuwe lapjes scoren!
    Oud-roze is erg mooi voor die quilt die je gaat maken. Maak ook veel uit de Quiltmania, prachtig blad met vaak mooie patronen.
    Je bent ook druk met borduren en breien zag ik, jeetje dat dit allemaal lukt.
    Vind al dat ik te weinig tijd heb voor mijn quilts.
    Dus maar weer snel naar boven naar mijn quiltkamer...

  8. Wat een slim idee, een schriftje met stukjes stof waar je iets bij zoekt! Die 'leen' ik gelijk even van je ;o)

    Bedankt voor je leuke commentaar op mijn blog.