woensdag 17 april 2013

Something old, something new something borrowed something blue

Some more fabrics I bought on the fair... I love making Kaffe fassett quilts and this is one I want to make one day... no hurry with that I like to find nice fabrics for it.... the fabric on the right will be the bases and the rest will follow...... but first a few other quilts who have to be finished.... this is more like a summer project... when summer will come...

I was waiting for better weather to make a nice photo shoot of my Christel seyfahrt Shawl... but that still has to wait, so for now I made some pictures in the home.

 I am really happy with the borders ... was a little scared so many stitches and you just have to wait how it turns out to be... well I think fine !!!!!

And another finish... It was almost finished and then I didn't like it all anymore but now it is so nice to wrap it around to at night or when you are not feeling right it is very soft and you can make a easy knot in it or wrap it around you totally, this is a drops pattern,

 And some new potholders for my kitchen, one pattern is from drops ... yes.... again, really lovely and easy to make.

The other pattern I saw on lucy's blog  quilting with the past, I really loved them and soon I remembered my mother used to make these potholders too and then I made them too... I really like to make them also fun easy and quick sometimes you need a quick project...
Well lovely quilting, knitting and handmade week to you all.....

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Jij hebt ook niet stil gezeten ;)) Wat een mooie sjaals en de pannenlappen staan leuk bij dat servies.

    Groeten Miny

  2. It is all so lovely, but I especially like your shawl and the amazing border. Beautiful work.
    blessings, jill

  3. These are lovely photos especially the shawl. Ann (new blog).

  4. Hello
    Thank you for visiting the other day. Love your Christel Seyfahrt Shawl. It is absolutely gorgeous. Knitted I assume... I really need to learn how to create with two needles instead of just the crochet hook.

    Happy crafty weekend
    My Rose Valley

  5. He wat een leuke pannenlappen :-)